Wall of sadness


behind my blinded eyes prison
no years to count, no seasons
every hour seems to be an eternity
for a lonely man its cruel fatality

my strange life is a nightmare
live in suffer but who cares!?
wall of sadness built too high
no good people for asking why!?

Shy from all the words untold
and all these arms that I can’t hold
my thoughts for the woman that I miss
a skin to caress and mouth to kiss

hello shadow my first best friend
living with him in no life’s land
he sings for me a song of silence
teaching me the way of patience


wall of sadness
paint in black
wind of darkness
cold and black

empty soul with much love to give
wounded heart trying hard to forgive
all these years and the times I waste
a deadly poison in my veins I taste

mountains of sins must be confessed
but no more faith for men whose blessed
the madness of humanity change my fate
no hope in sight behind a closed gate

walking alone in an empty dark street
sadness and confusion slow my feet
my road ends at a cemetery grave
a sad voice said that my place is saved

Welcome back, second best friend
am I next in your list? Never mind

go ahead and take it by the hand
after all, we return to dust and sand.

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