Chapitre 25

Notes de l’auteur : Bonjour ! Chose promise...
Voici l'avant-dernier chapitre. Pas de "SMS" ici mais un passage qui m'a demandé bien des efforts :')

    I left myself relax for a while, soothed by the familiar regular beeping of hospital machines. That was comforting. I counted the beeps. That sounded like a normal adult.
    — There she comes. Said a woman.
    — Who ? I asked.
    The unusual sound of my own voice actually started to wake me up. And as soon as I tried to move I almost lost it again from the pain.
    — Where am I ? I muttered faintly.
    I tried to follow the movements of the blurred woman who was taking care of me but I didn’t find the strength to lift my head.
    — Los Angeles ITH private hospital. What’s your name miss ?
    — Victoire…
    I must have slept a bit again because when I blinked again, the nurse wasn’t blurry anymore.
    — How is your pain Victoire ?
    — Terrible… Where was I shot ?
    — It went through your thigh. You’d have bled to death if the vet hadn’t found you. She did a good job at keeping you alive until the emergency care unit arrived.
    — What’s her name ?
    I knew the answer but I wanted confirmation before allowing myself to sleep again.
    — Öleene Mikiite.


    Victoire ?
    I frowned. Was I unconscious again ? No, my pain felt very real. Then who was it ? I aimed for my hearing point and waited.
    It is Aldan. I hope you can hear me, they said you were awake.
    I opened my mouth but I remembered where I was. I had no phone and I no way to communicate with him.
    I couldn’t hear any accent but I could imagine it and it made my eyes water. I hoped he would keep communicating.
    I had hoped to tell you earlier but I’m on my way to the hospital too. I decided to try a kidney transplant. It will not save me. But I felt like I could use a bit more time. Ergis is my donor.
    God I wished I could say something right now. I managed to pull myself up on one elbow and looked around for any sort of item I could use to talk to him, but there was none.
    I hope you still hear me… crap this is weird. Well here goes nothing. You will never be allowed… well, to be officially my partner. You are still human. But my time is running out. So maybe it is my turn to step out of my culture. Please be my date.
    God I was happy I wasn’t on the phone with him right now. I’m sure I’d have either hung up, too panicked to think clearly, or burst out laughing from the « be my date ». I had no idea where he’d been to look for inspiration but that was hilarious.
    I painstakingly managed to lie back down on my hospital bed. How long did I stay out if Ergis had flown back to Paris already ? A week ? I smiled to myself.
    Please call me when you can.
    The effort to move around had worn me out again, and maybe it was emotions but I felt dizzy. I found a comfortable angle for my head, tapped my hands around until I found the remote that I knew was likely hanging from somewhere, and switched on the TV.
    — … and now she is in a hospital fighting for her life !
    Wait. What was Mom doing on the news ?
    I fought to straighten up again and zapped. CNN ? Mom. Foxnews ? Mom. ABC ? Mom. KTLA ? Mom. With running titles speaking of hundreds of chimeras. And unknown bodies found buried behind the clinic. And chimeras babies. And a French police statement about my assault case being reopened.
    Holy fuck.
    — NURSE ? !
    A woman rushed in the room.
    — I think I’m going to be sick.
    I was barely done with my nasty business that two grim-looking men knocked on the door, and entered.
    — Good morning. Said one. The doctors said you were awake.
    — Urgh, I muttered, wiping my face. FBI ?
    — Yes. Said the other pulling out a badge. This is Dalan, he is a telepath. I’m Winchester.
    I looked at him blankly. Winchester. Seriously ?
    — Go on. Ask your damn questions.

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